Refrigerator Repair FAQ

Usually when a refrigerator is not cooling on either side it means the compressor is not running due to an electrical issue within the refrigerator. Compressors are pretty hardy pieces of equipment and are not prone to failure. This doesn’t mean that they won’t fail just that it is rare. Since most units these days are computerized, a few tests will determine what your problem is.

Refrigerators that are not cooling on the refrigerator side only is usually and air flow issue. Since most refrigerators get the cold air from the freezer side and move it over to the refrigerator side the airflow is the usual culprit. Computerized units can be a bit difficult to diagnose as the computer supplies all the power to the different components, example damper assembly, and thermistor, evaporator fan motors.

Refrigerators with this type of problem can be misleading as most refrigerators have one evaporator located on the freezer side. When this type of problem occurs it might just be thermal dynamics kicking and the unit is working its way to equalization, same temperature both sides. Some units have dual evaporators and cause this exact problem. The dual evaporators refrigerators are controlled by computers that are constantly taking reading from sensors located internally inside the cabinet and then making adjustments. Sometimes the computer may be getting incorrect information from a faulty sensor and thus makes incorrect adjustments that are being made with incorrect information.

Refrigerators that are cooling, but not cold enough can sometimes be repaired by a simply cleaning the condenser coil. When the unit cannot dissipate the heat it generates from the refrigerator compressor the unit will start to lose efficiency. This is not always the problem but can in a few instances take care of the problem and save you a bit of money on a service call. This problem can also be a airflow issue or a heat dissipation issue when a faulty fan motor has quit working.

A few different things can cause refrigerators that are not making ice to malfunction. The ice maker itself, a water supply issue ie frozen water supply line, water valve external or internal, improper freezer temperature, emitter computer boards that fail will make the unit believe it already has a full ice bin and thus will not continue to produce ice.

Refrigerator noises can be some of the most elusive problems to diagnose. There are quit a few moving parts and catching it making the noise can prove to be difficult. We will normally ask the customer to try and isolate the are of the refrigerator and then we can limit the number of components that might be causing the problem. From Evaporator and condenser fan motors to ice maker dispenser motors, damper assemblies not to mention the compressor itself all of these components can make awful noises.

Water leaking on occurs on the outside of the unit is usually caused by an external plumbing problem. The best solution is to pull out the refrigerator and check the refrigerator water supply line first. If there is no evidence of a leak then the problem lies within the refrigerator plumbing. Refrigerator have plastic lined plumbing lines throughout the unit and care must be taken as not to have an unsuspecting flood on your hands.

Since Refrigerators only have three different water sources, the icemaker and dispenser as well as the defrost system. These problems are a bit easier to find and repair. The most common problem that occurs is a clogged defrost drain line that is iced over. The unit must be disassembled and the line cleared properly or it will just continue to happen.

Refrigerator dispensers that are not working or are not working properly can be very tricky to figure out. These units are normally computer controlled and send power to various different components within the unit. Problems of this kind can include a computer, solenoid, micro switch, relay, or bad wiring.

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