• Frigidaire Refrigerator

    Recently we were called out to the Cortina estates community in Queen Creek to check out a Frigidaire refrigerator not cooling problem. When we arrived, we tested for voltage at the compressor as it was not running. We tested the electrical windings to verify the compressor was still good because it was getting power the windings but was still not working, The windings failed the test and were not good so we replaced the compressor, problem solved. If your refrigerator is having similar problems please call us at 602-412-3133.

    Other models that may experience this type of problem:









  • Whirlpool Dryer

    Thought it might be kind of fun for you to see what a dryer looks like disassembled. We were contacted by a regular customer in Castle gate in San Tan Valley, their dryer sounded like a dragster going down a ¼ mile stretch of road. Let me put it this way, it was hard to avoid the noise and let it go. Loud noises in dryers whether a GE dryer, a Maytag dryer or a Whirlpool dryer almost always are caused by an internal component. A Dryer roller support, a dryer idler pulley, a dryer bearing, any of these items will get very loud very quick when they are starting to fail. On this particular unit the dryer rollers, dryer idler pulley and dryer belt were replaced. Ready for the next 15-20 years of service. If your dryer is loud and you want to know why give us a call at 602-412-3133. Other models with this type of problem are listed below.

    Whirlpool Duet Model Numbers:





    YOUTUBE Do it yourself Link https://youtu.be/3_RwL5Dzozw

  • Maytag Refrigerator Defrost

    So we got a call about a Maytag refrigerator not cooling down properly on the refrigerator side only, the freezer was doing fine. The call was in Copper Basin right down the street from us so we popped in pretty quickly to see what might be the problem. When we arrived we found a ton of frost build up on the inside of the back panel in the freezer. When this happens it means something within the defrost system has failed. In these situations we have to teardown the inside of the freezer compartment to access the components like the defrost heater and defrost bi-metal. In this case the culprit was the adaptive defrost control board, normally called the motherboard. We defrosted the unit and replaced the control board. Operation now normal, I love when a repair cooperates. If you are experiencing these types of problems with your Maytag refrigerator please call us at 602-412-3133. We proudly service the Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Florence, Gilbert and Chandler areas. Other Maytag refrigerators that may experience this type of problem are listed below.

    Model Numbers







    YOUTUBE Do it yourselt Link

  • Whirlpool Range

    We were out in the circle cross ranch community in San Tan Valley inspecting a whirlpool range for a burner not working. When we arrived we tested for 240 V at the wall outlet which tested good. We checked the terminal block all the way up to the control board for proper voltage and that was also good. We then checked the range infinite switch for power output. The infinite switch failed so we replaced it and problem solved. If your range is having similar problems please call us at 602-412-3133.

    Other Whirlpool Electric Ranges that may have this problem:








  • Whirlpool Ice maker

    In todays high tech appliance industry you can practically use the complex computers to launch the shuttle into outer space. We recently came across a Whirlpool refrigerator with a computerized ice lever indicator in San Tan Valley. These computers emit an infrared beam across the icemaker bucket into the receiver computer board. Very sophisticated for just shutting off the icemaker product right? This can be very troublesome as when they quick functioning properly the Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker will either stop functioning and not produce ice or they will continue to pump out enough ice for any large party and will not quick. The answer is to repair the problem and restore the proper communication to the icemaker emitter and receiver. Testing these items can be a little tricky. If you would like to call our company we can give you a good ballpark figure on repair costs for this problem. Some of the following model numbers are experiencing this specific problem. If your experiencing a problem like this and this is your model number just call us at 480-436-1733.












  • Samsung Refrigerator

    We just went out to the Copper basin community in San Tan Valley to check on a Samsung refrigerator that was not defrosting properly. When we arrived we found a lot of frost buildup on the evaporator coil, this happens when something within the defrost system fails and can no longer melt the frost on the evaporator. We tested for voltage from the control board down to the defrost bimetal as well as the defrost heater voltage was present so we checked the bimetal for continuity the bimetal had failed so we replaced it, problem solved. If your refrigerator is having similar problems please give us a call at 602-412-3133.

    Other Samsung Refrigerators that may experience this type of problem:






  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

    Unfortunately, dryer vent cleaning is a neglected maintenance item in most homes. Here in Arizona the dryer venting in most cases goes through the roof. Without some sophisticated equipment to run a camera up to the roof you cant really tell if this is a necessary expense. Our dryer vent cleaning costs are $135 for a single story home and $185 for a two-story application. One of the early signs of a clogged wall vent is dry time. When it starts to take far longer than it used to then it might be necessary. Call us at 602-412-3133 to speak to one of our experts about setting up a consultation.

  • GE Dryer

    Recently we received a call about a GE Dryer that was too loud to tolerate in the Las Praderas community In San Tan Valley. When we arrived we determined that the dryer had something stuck in the blower wheel housing. Many times little things left in pockets can cause the biggest problems in a dryer. When something gets stuck in the dryer blower housing it can restrict the free flow of air from the dryer heater. Then all the safeties that are built into a dryer to prevent it from catching fire will kick into gear. There are thermal safety switches that will burn out to prevent a potential fire. Once we got the unit completely torn down we found a couple golf tees. How they make it past the lint trap is a mystery I still cannot figure out. Once the debris was removed and the free flow to the dryer blower housing was restored the unit performed as designed. If you are experiencing a loud noise coming from your dryer give us a call at (602) 412-3133 before it causes more expensive damage

  • Samsung Washer

    Recently Samsung has been having some problems with their products. I thought it might be helpful to add a link to get you some updated information. https://www.consumer.org.nz/articles/samsung-washing-machine-recall-your-consumer-rights#article-the-affected-models

  • Whirlpool Dishwasher

    One of our customers who lives in the Vineyards community in Gilbert called about his dishwasher not cleaning or draining properly. This is a very common complaint these days. The chemical composition of the soap has changed and will not breakdown like it used to. The number one cause for dishes not cleaning properly or the dishes coming out cloudy is that the water is not hot enough. Always use your hot wash option on the dishwasher. In this customer’s case the unit has some stickers stuck down in the drain/sump area of the dishwasher. We removed the components and removed the debris from the drain pump area. Once we removed the debris we ran some citric acid through the system to kill any bacteria build up. Problem solved, on to the next repair. If your dishwasher is having problems similar to this give us a call at (602) 412-3133 to schedule an appointment.