• GE Top Load Washer

    Sometimes it makes more sense to replace rather than repair. We were called out to a job for a GE top-loading washer, the concern was that it was very noisy in the spin cycle. There are numerous things that can cause this type of complaint so we had to check it out. When we arrived our diagnoses showed that the washer bearing was the problem. On This type of machine when this problem occurs we will normally recommend that the customer replace the unit. Some GE top-loading washers just do not have a great service record. We believe in GE Kitchen products and believe them to be among the best. GE Refrigerators, ranges and microwaves give exceptional service however the washers just do not experience the same quality service. If your washer is experiencing a problem like water leak or noisy during the spin cycle, give us a call at 602-412-3133 we will be honest and let you know what the wise choice will be.

  • Samsung Dishwasher

    Recently we went out to the Agritopia community in Gilbert to check on a dishwasher that was not cooperating. The customer reported when the unit finished filling up it would just shut down. Sometimes this can be caused by a bad internal switch but also can be caused by a bad computer board. When we removed the panel to test the internal components we found that the control board had a burn spot on it. We replaced the board and tested the unit, problem solved. If your dishwasher is acting funny and you need help please call us at 602-412-3133.

  • Whirlpool Range

    We were called out for a repair in the Cortina Estates community in Queen Creek for a Whirlpool range that was not heating properly in the oven. When we arrived the unit had a bake element shorted out, if you look at the picture that really bright area is where it is shorting out. If you see this happening in your oven the best thing you can do is shut the power off to it at the breaker. There is 220 volts going through that and it can put on quite a show, this one was pretty mild in comparison to some we have seen. This happens when an imperfection in the Nickel chromium sheathing gives out. If you have had this happen and need help please give us a call at (602) 412-3133.