• GE Microwave

    We were called out to a job in the Magma Ranch community in Florence for a GE microwave that was having trouble with the microwave turntable motor. When we arrived we found that the motor was locked up and making a horrible noise. This is not an uncommon problem for all microwaves, when food sprays all over the inside of these units moisture will go to its lowest point which is where the turntable motor is. When this happens it is necessary to replace the motor. After doing the repair it is important to check all other operations as the motor can at times back feed and short out other major components like a main control board. If your microwave is having this type of problem give us a call at (602) 412-3133.

  • Frigidaire Dishwasher

    Recently we were called to a dishwasher overflowing in the Sun City anthem community in Florence. When we arrive we tested the unit and found that it would not stop filling, when this happens the mechanism that tells the water to shut off malfunctions. We checked for any mechanical issues but found none then we tested the switch for proper continuity and there was the problem we replaced the dishwasher float switch, problem solved. If your dishwasher is having similar issues give us a call at 602-412-3133

  • GE Refrigerator Dispenser

    A good client of ours from Silverstone Ranch in Gilbert called in for a GE Refrigerator ice dispenser not working properly. Here in Arizona having ice is almost as necessary as having water. When we arrived the mood in the home was somber ;-), not really but lets say the family was very happy to see me. I found that the ice dispenser motor had failed. This will result in a number of different types of symptoms, crushed or cubed ice only, no ice dispensing at all which is what happened in this case. We tested for voltage to the dispenser and found that it was indeed getting the proper voltage to the dispenser motor. We replaced the ice door dispenser motor and problem solved. If your ice dispenser is having problems please give us a try and call us at (602) 412-3133