Whirlpool Dishwasher

One of our customers who lives in the Vineyards community in Gilbert called about his dishwasher not cleaning or draining properly. This is a very common complaint these days. The chemical composition of the soap has changed and will not breakdown like it used to. The number one cause for dishes not cleaning properly or the dishes coming out cloudy is that the water is not hot enough. Always use your hot wash option on the dishwasher. In this customer’s case the unit has some stickers stuck down in the drain/sump area of the dishwasher. We removed the components and removed the debris from the drain pump area. Once we removed the debris we ran some citric acid through the system to kill any bacteria build up. Problem solved, on to the next repair. If your dishwasher is having problems similar to this give us a call at (602) 412-3133 to schedule an appointment.

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