• GE Dryer

    Recently we received a call about a GE Dryer that was too loud to tolerate in the Las Praderas community In San Tan Valley. When we arrived we determined that the dryer had something stuck in the blower wheel housing. Many times little things left in pockets can cause the biggest problems in a dryer. When something gets stuck in the dryer blower housing it can restrict the free flow of air from the dryer heater. Then all the safeties that are built into a dryer to prevent it from catching fire will kick into gear. There are thermal safety switches that will burn out to prevent a potential fire. Once we got the unit completely torn down we found a couple golf tees. How they make it past the lint trap is a mystery I still cannot figure out. Once the debris was removed and the free flow to the dryer blower housing was restored the unit performed as designed. If you are experiencing a loud noise coming from your dryer give us a call at (602) 412-3133 before it causes more expensive damage