Maytag Refrigerator Defrost

So we got a call about a Maytag refrigerator not cooling down properly on the refrigerator side only, the freezer was doing fine. The call was in Copper Basin right down the street from us so we popped in pretty quickly to see what might be the problem. When we arrived we found a ton of frost build up on the inside of the back panel in the freezer. When this happens it means something within the defrost system has failed. In these situations we have to teardown the inside of the freezer compartment to access the components like the defrost heater and defrost bi-metal. In this case the culprit was the adaptive defrost control board, normally called the motherboard. We defrosted the unit and replaced the control board. Operation now normal, I love when a repair cooperates. If you are experiencing these types of problems with your Maytag refrigerator please call us at 602-412-3133. We proudly service the Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Florence, Gilbert and Chandler areas. Other Maytag refrigerators that may experience this type of problem are listed below.

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