• Whirlpool Range

    We were out in the circle cross ranch community in San Tan Valley inspecting a whirlpool range for a burner not working. When we arrived we tested for 240 V at the wall outlet which tested good. We checked the terminal block all the way up to the control board for proper voltage and that was also good. We then checked the range infinite switch for power output. The infinite switch failed so we replaced it and problem solved. If your range is having similar problems please call us at 602-412-3133.

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  • Whirlpool Range

    We were called out for a repair in the Cortina Estates community in Queen Creek for a Whirlpool range that was not heating properly in the oven. When we arrived the unit had a bake element shorted out, if you look at the picture that really bright area is where it is shorting out. If you see this happening in your oven the best thing you can do is shut the power off to it at the breaker. There is 220 volts going through that and it can put on quite a show, this one was pretty mild in comparison to some we have seen. This happens when an imperfection in the Nickel chromium sheathing gives out. If you have had this happen and need help please give us a call at (602) 412-3133.